The Tipsy Black Sheep are a catering company giving you the best of the world’s flavours in a Vegan way.

We create food for food lovers, sharing dishes that are full of flavour and creativity and made with love and care.

The team consists of two young women who fell in love with food all over again when they decided to explore the possibility of cooking meals without meat and dairy. Upon realising that they could create desserts, sauces and all kinds of various dishes without harming animals only spurred on the excitement to realise great recipes and rediscover the concept of dining.

Both women associate much with feeling like a Black Sheep, whether it be through life or just because they opted on a specific diet. One began their journey realising their love for food through instagram as the drunkveegan and this only increased when the two met. The other, a born artist, loving sculpting, channeled this love into the design and presentation of the food. This combined effort effortlessly created something fresh and new.

The Tipsy Black Sheep discovered how simple but important it was to create fresh food and exciting dishes and noticed how this impacted their well being. The natural experiment uncovered much about how food is processed in the modern day and how this impacts our bodies and our health.

The Tipsy Team believe that all of those in their lives and the people they meet from day to day, are the reason that the inspiration for this journey continues.

We hope that this can help to enlighten your minds about the exciting ways we can all enjoy food and how it can help transform your dining experience and better yet, our wellbeing.

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